Programm CL-Postersession

Die Postervorstellung erfolgt in drei Teilen und findet im EG der Keplerstraße 17 (K2) statt

1: Mittwoch/Wednesday, 7.3.2018, 15:45 - 16:30

*alphabetisch / in alphabetical order*

Maximilian Bräuninger, Marion Weller-Di Marco and Sabine Schulte Im Walde
Improving SMT-based Synonym Extraction across Word Classes by Distributional Reranking of Synonyms and Hypernyms

Fabienne Cap, Rafael Ehren, Maximilian Köper, Timm Lichte, Sabine Schulte Im Walde and Heike Zinsmeister
VerbCompoCor: A German Corpus with Compositionality Judgements for Verb-Dependent Pairs 

Stefanie Eckmann
Criteria for the Construction of Historical Corpora

Ronja Laarmann-Quante, Stefanie Dipper, Anna Ehlert, Simon Masloch, Katrin Ortmann, Doreen Scholz and Maurice Vogel
Ein Tool zur nutzerfreundlichen Anwendung automatischer Rechtschreibfehleranalyse in frei geschriebenen Kindertexten

Daniela Naumann, Diego Frassinelli and Sabine Schulte im Walde
A Contextual Analysis of Concrete and Abstract Words

Hani Priandini, Mariska Ajeng Harini and Heike Zinsmeister
A code-switching corpus for Indonesian-German based on the web forum

Anita Ramm, Sharid Loáiciga and Annemarie Friedrich
Automatic annotation of tense, mood and voice for English, French and German

Dominik Schlechtweg, Stefanie Eckmann, Enrico Santus, Sabine Schulte im Walde and Daniel Hole
German in Flux: Detecting Metaphoric Change via Word Entropy

Jan-Oliver Wülfing and Elisabeth André
Towards a VOCA with Expressive Synthesized Speech


2: Donnerstag/Thursday, 8.3.2018, 10:30 - 11:15

*alphabetisch / in alphabetical order*

Maria Becker, Michael Staniek, Anette Frank, Vivi Nastase and Alexis Palmer
The Impact of Attention Mechanism, Context and Genre Information when Classifying Semantic Clause Types with Recurrent Neural Networks: A Linguistic Analysis

Tatiana Bladier, Kilian Evang and Yulia Zinova
Representing Slavic Aktionsarten in DRT with Boxer

Dominik Both and Ines Rehbein
Authorship Verification and Dating of Latin Sources

Bich-Ngoc Do, Ines Rehbein and Anette Frank
Parsing German with Verb Subcat Frames

Johannes Graën, Martin Volk and Mara Bertamini
Cutter - a Universal Multilingual Tokenizer

Tommi Pirinen
Rule-based machine-translation between Finnish and German

Annika Schwitteck, Hendrik ter Horst and Matthias Hartung
What Coreference Chains Tell about Experimental Groups in (Pre-)Clinical Trials

Nina Seemann, Michaela Geierhos, Marie-Luis Merten, Doris Tophinke, Marcel Wever and Eyke Hüllermeier
Supporting the Cognitive Process in Annotation Tasks

Henny Sluyter-Gäthje, Fabian Barteld and Heike Zinsmeister
Neural Machine Translation for Literary Texts

Julius Steen, Ines Rehbein and Josef Ruppenhofer
A Tool for Error Detection in Automatically Annotated Latin Text

Thorsten Trippel
Datenmanagement – Gegenstand und Dienst der Computerlinguistik

Mark-Matthias Zymla
Storing and Visualizing Semantic Annotation for Treebank Applications

3: Donnerstag/Thursday, 8.3.2018, 12:45 - 13:45

*alphabetisch / in alphabetical order*

Aria Adli, Eric Engel, Laurent Romary and Fahime Same
A stand-off XML-TEI representation of reference annotation

*Julia Bettinger and Ulrich Heid * (zu Teil 3 verschoben // moved to part 3)
Pattern-based extraction of taxonomic relations from German forum data

Benjamin Burkhardt, Laura Kallmeyer and Timm Lichte
Depictives in English: An LTAG approach

*entfällt* Julia Dembowski, Stefan Grünewald and Annemarie Friedrich
The Saar Web ANnotation (SWAN) System 2.0

Vanya Dimitrova, Heike Renner-Westermann, Christian Chiarcos, Christian Fäth and Frank Abromeit
Linguistik Portal and Linked Open Data: Ontological Modeling of Linguistic Terminology

Stefan Falke and Roman Schneider
Das grammatische Informationssystem GRAMMIS als Web-Anwendung und App

Kordula De Kuthy and Detmar Meurers
Information Sources in Automatic Meaning Assessment of Reading Comprehension Questions

Christian Lang and Roman Schneider
Statistical Methods for Identifying and Linking Linguistic Terminology

Noémi Ligeti-Nagy
Hungarian determiners from a computational linguistic point of view

Soheila Sahami and Thomas Eckart
Capabilities and Costs of Running NLP Pipelines on Big Data Resources in Service-Oriented Architectures

Noémi Vadász
DepEll: A Dependency Parser for Hungarian Pronoun-ellipses

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