AG 5 Possessive relations: interpretation, syntax and argument structur

Ljudmila Geist, Daniel Jacob und Ilja Seržant

Kurzbeschreibung // short description

The workshop’s focus is the morphosyntactic means employed for encoding different types of possession such as predicative, external, internal, etc. We ask such questions as to what extent can the particular interpretation be derived from the meaning of the parts and how much is determined by pragmatic reasoning, world knowledge and context; or, whether subtypes of possession are associated with different structures or are derived from one un­der­lying locative structure. We invite contributions with a theoretical, functional-typological or diachronic focus.



Organisatoren // organizers

Ljudmila Geist (Uni Stuttgart)

Daniel Jacob (Uni Freiburg)

Ilja Seržant (Uni Leipzig)

Ablauf // schedule

folgt / coming