We present the 16 Sessions of DGfS 2018.


AG 1 (K1, room 11.32)
Arndt-Lappe, Sabine, Gero Kunter, Ruben van de Vijver und Fabian Tomaschek
Variation and phonetic detail in spoken morphology

AG 2 (K1, room 11.42)
Baumann, Stefan,  Klaus von Heusinger und Petra B. Schumacher
The relation between prosodic and referential structure

AG 3 (K1, room 11.62)
Bianchi, Valentina und Patrick Georg Grosz
Evaluative meanings: Theoretical and computational perspectives

AG 4 (K1, room 11.71)
Crysmann, Berthold
One-to-many relations in morphology, syntax, and semantics

AG 5 (K1, room 11.81)
Geist, Ljudmila, Daniel Jacob und Ilja Seržant
Possessive relations: Interpretation, syntax and argument structure

AG 6 (K1, room 11.91)
Georgi, Doreen, Fabian Heck, Johannes Hein, Andrew Murphy und Gereon Müller
Referential and relational approaches to syntactic asymmetries

AG 7 (K2, room 17.71)
Hautli-Janisz, Annette, Aikaterini-Lida Kalouli und Tatjana Scheffler
Why indeed? Questions at the interface of theoretical and computational

AG 8 (K2, room 17.72)
Konietzko, Andreas und Vera Hohaus
Reference beyond the DP: Towards a crosslinguistic typology of the syntax and
semantics of proforms

AG 9 (K2, room 17.73)
Kranich, Svenja und Tine Breban
Lost in change: causes and processes in the loss of grammatical constructions
and categories

AG 10 (K2, room 17.51)
Averintseva-Klisch, Maria, Irene Rapp und Stefan Engelberg
Rede- und Gedankenwiedergabe in narrativen Strukturen

AG 11 (K2, room 17.52)
Van Valin, Robert, Anja Latrouite und Kata Balogh
Specificity, definiteness and article systems across languages

AG 12 (K2, room 17.81)
Reich, Ingo und Susanne Winkler
Relating elliptical utterances to information in context

AG 13 kurz (K2, room 17.98)
Musan, Renate, Christina Noack und Angela Grimm
Referenz in der ontogenetischen Schreibentwicklung

AG 14 kurz (K2, room 17.98)
Grijzenhout, Janet, Monika Lindauer und Katharina Zahner
Variable perception and production correlates for word stress in first language
acquisition and child second language learning

AG 15 kurz (K2, room 17.92)
Rami, Dolf, T. Ede Zimmermann und Sarah Zobel
Reference determination: Literal and non-literal uses of referring expressions

AG 16  kurz (K2,room 17.92)
Zeevat, Hendrik, Peter Sutton und Vasiliki Tsouni
Applications of probability theory in linguistics   



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