AG 14 Variable perception and production correlates for word stress in first language acquisition and child second language learning

Janet Grijzenhout, Monika Lindauer und Katharina Zahner

Building K2, 17.98

Kurzbeschreibung // short description

The workshop focuses on the role of word stress in monolingual and bilingual language acquisition and explores the roles of acoustic and articulatory cues of word stress for learning words, stress and sentence intonation in one or more languages during early childhood. It also considers the interaction of prosody with other linguistic domains during the language acquisition process.


Organisatoren // organizers

Janet Grijzenhout (Uni Konstanz)

Monika Lindauer (Uni Konstanz)

Katharina Zahner (Uni Konstanz)

Ablauf // schedule

Do., 08.03.2018


Janet Grijzenhout, Monika Lindauer, Katharina Zahner


Natalie Boll-Avetisyan (invited talk)
We got the beat: The role of biases, abstractions, and experience in prosody acquisition 


Mittagspause / Lunch Break


Mireia Marimon & Barbara Höhle
Prosody outweighs statistics: Evidence from German


Annika Unger & Barbara Höhle
Early word segmentation in bilingual infants acquiring German and French 

Fr., 09.03.2018


Laura Hahn, Paula Fikkert, Tineke Snijders, Titia Benders
Infants’ perception of linguistic information in songs


Baris Kabak & Christina Domene Moreno
Psycho-typologizing word stress through prosody-music alignment in children’s songs


Francesco Olivucci, Mario Vayra, Cinzia Avesani, Claudio Zmarich
Acoustic correlates of word stress in young Italian children’s productions


Johanna Stahnke
Word stress and determiner omission in French-Spanish bilingual language acquisition


Piers Messum
The acquisition of stress in production: looking beyond cues and correlates


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